Tuesday, August 14


Just a little frustrated.

*Watch out, you've pissed off a Canadian*

Neighbours are moving in today and they parked the moving truck in front of my driveway.
Nope. No one is going to use the driveway until 6pm.
But they don't know that.
Normal people would ask if it's ok.
We asked when we moved in, and even though the guy was rude about it he said he had no problem if we blocked his car in for a few hours.
It's a small road we're on, so I understand there is no other option but to block someone's driveway...but if it's going to be mine I expect you to at least show your face at my door to let me know.

Monday, August 13

OH GOD! If only I could think of a new title for this blog I miiiiiight actually start writing again...I'm so uninspired.