Wednesday, November 30


so turns out ei was dumb again...but in a good way...

so i got more then double then i got last week.

of course there will be no back pay for the mistake, even though it was the gov't error.

i'm just impressed they admitted it and fixed it.

Friday, November 25

that was fast

I didn't expect to get my EI so quickly. I was informed I was approved on Monday and received my EI on Wednesday. Thank god. It's a very small amount of money but it still helps. Will should be getting his review and raise (fingers crossed) in the next 2 weeks so we're gonna be cruising!

Holly and Dan are coming over tonight for one last hurrah. Dan is leaving tomorrow morning for Alberta so he planned to stay the night here anyway and we were going to take him to the airport on Saturday. I thought it would be fun if Holly came out as well and we could spend an evening eating appetizers, drinking wine and watching shitty movies. That way we could spend one final time, the four of us, with no baby responsibilities, and Holly could drive Dan to the airport in the morning and be able to say goodbye there. They should be out here sometime in the late afternoon and I have some prep work to do for all the food I'm making!

Wednesday, November 23

My cats knocked everything over and smashed multiple glasses this morning, our power is gonna be off for like 5 hours today and my uninsulated house is freezing.

Happy Wednesday, all!

Monday, November 21

Oh Em Gee...finally!

As you may remember I was laid off in September, and then fired from another job at the end of September...shitty balls.

I've been trying to get approved for EI since the first layoff. I've been appealed, questioned and denied...more then once.

They sent me a questionnaire about why I was fired to determine if I could receive EI from that, I received the questionnaire on a Friday, filled it out, and send it back on Monday. That Wednesday I received a letter saying I was denied because I hadn't sent the questionnaire back fast enough. So then I had to appeal that decision. Another office in Service Canada sent me a letter denying my EI because I hadn't been filling out my reports...which I hadn't been doing because my EI was denied.

All very confusing but finally this morning I received a letter confirming they reviewed my appeal and "rescinded" their decision to deny me. Once both of my severance amounts are deducted I'll start receiving money...good timing too cause the way it was looking no one was gonna get anything for Christmas.

Feed Me!!!!

Wednesday, November 16

Cleaning Day!

I always find it best to do as much cleaning before lunch as possible, as I lose total motivation after even just a snack.

So are 11:30ish I started my cleaning.

Living room and kitchen - top to bottom, 3 loads of laundry, drain unclogged, sheets changed, kitty shit-boxes cleaned...then I needed a snack...dammit.

Well Holly stopped by to get some food. The movers are there today to officially move them out of this shit-hole. So after she left I sat down for a quick snack with plans to clean the bathroom and organize some bedroom stuff...that was a big mistake as I have no motivation to get back up.

But the bathroom desperately needs a scrub down...I can hear the toilet begging me to clean I shall solider on...

This Saturday Holly's friends are having a goodbye dinner for her at Baton Rouge and they invited Will and I, so that should be a good time. I've never eaten there before, so hopefully they have at lease a small vegetarian selection. Or I'll have a liquid dinner...those are my favourite.

Monday, November 14

Can't sleep, so I'm up drinking milk and watching shitty reality tv.

So, Dan got the job in Alberta! Hurray for them! It's such an awesome opportunity for there family, but I'm gonna miss the shit out of them. It's gonna suck not having Holly across the street...a 5 minute walk away.

I can't keep what's happening straight, so many things are happening so quickly. Dan leaves, Holly goes to C.P, all their shit goes, Holly and my mom goes, then my dad some point I hope my mom comes back, lol. This is all happening by the end of the month...crazy how fast things happen sometimes.

Tuesday, November 8


So being home all the time gives me lots of opportunity to make awesome meals, and try new recipes. My favourite is what I'm making tonight. Now this is a meat sauce, so I can't eat it, but it makes so much and Will loves it enough to eat it for the next 2-7 meals, lol.

This is what I like to call my "I don't give a fuck" pasta sauce/chilli. It can be used as either. It involves tomato sauce, water, onions, mushrooms, peppers, ground beef and/or spicy sausage, every spice you can find, any other shit in your fridge you wanna put in it. I had some black beans that I didn't think I was going to use soon and some leftover pizza sauce that I shoved in. I'll have Will taste test it when he gets home and adjust the spices for me (which is the one thing that sucks about being a vegetarian...).

I went to Walmart with my sister today and saw this...exciting. I realized I haven;t had poutine since I became a vegetarian. Wow. I stopped eating meat the May of grade 7...I'm now 26...4 months away from 27...that's a long ass time. So I got this and I'm going to make a meat gravy for Will and have a poutine night sometime! I'm excited.

Will also really enjoyed when Dan and Holly were over and we had Indian food. Holly made the meat feeders Butter Chicken, he was then obsessed. So I found this paste, about 4 bucks cheaper then the sauce itself, just add water and we've got some em effing Butter Chicken. Beeeeeeiitch.

I also bought brown sugar and I'm gonna try making cookies. The first and only time I ever attempted muffins I forgot the fruit and they turned out hard...that's the closest to a cookie I've ever made...

Sunday, November 6

I'm so excited to go wedding dress shopping that I've been doing a lot of googling of wedding things the last few days.

I love this bouquet, but the majority of feathers would be black and dark purple.

This is beautiful as well, again with purple not red.

Love this, maybe just a little darker. This isn't actually a bridesmaid dress, but this is the general idea I'm into right now.

Possibly these hanging from the roof. Not in these colour, obviously. lol. In black or purple...

And I want to wear something dark, with feathers and a small veil type thing. I think it's called a blusher...I don't know. One of those veils that cover half the face...but in black...

I have lots of ideas...we'll see which ones actually materialize...

Friday, November 4

Friday 5

Five things that made me happy this week:

1. Family dinners - quiche will Will's fam, and paneer with mine...YUM!

2. Seeing Holly's babies try cereal for the first time...who am I kidding EVERYTHING they do is cute and I'm happy to see.

3. Being 1 year away from officially being Mrs. van Nieuwenhuyze, and getting roses from Will! He's never given me roses before.

4. KFB - Wedding Planning Edition! Mandi and Heather (bridesmaids) have confirmed they will be visiting the weekend of November 12th. There shall be wine, wedding dress shopping, wine, chips, terrible music, and pictures of H passed out with her mouth open!

5. Not quitting. I fucked up, 4 days in a row I fucked up. I gained weight back. But I got right back on track. Working out (ran over 4 miles today) and eating healthy. Maybe I wont lose as fast as I want, but at least I wont quit.

Thursday, November 3


Wow, I need to cleanse myself from the last 4 days. There was a lot of wine and food consumed, basically ruined everything I've done the last 10 days...nice eh. I'm such an idiot. Although it was friggin' delicious. And it's not my fault there were multiple events on 4 consecutive days.

Well it happened and logical Siobhan is fighting with emotional Siobhan to realize that I can't go back and it was enjoyable while it was going on. The best thing to do: pull up my socks, get right back on track and work my butt off for another 9 days and hopefully recover what I'd done so I can ruin it again.

KFB is happening on the 12th so I'm going to be drinking more and eating more. We're also gonna take a trip into Sinders to look at some wedding dresses!!! Ahh, I'm incredibly nervous and excited. I know what I want but I'm terrified that I'm going to look like a heffer in everything.

1 year and 3.5 hours I'll be married. Weird!