Wednesday, August 31

It's September Tomorrow!

Where has August gone? I can't believe it's already September...the summer goes by way to quickly.

So I got on the scale this morning...and it said I gained weight! What the hell?!? I have been working out almost everyday and eating really well. I hate trying to lose weight, it's dumb, lol. Gaining weight makes me wanna order a large pizza and eat it all. But I'm not going to do that this time. This time I will stay motivated, keep eating right, and maintain my exercise. Hopefully I'll see something positive on the scale when I weigh in next Monday...

Tuesday, August 30

10 Things I'm Happy For!

1. 100 calorie packs of Cheese Nips - good god I love nips of cheese.
2. Coffee and chatter with my sister.
3. Running for 30 minutes straight...double my regular running time.
4. Finding out my cat pissed in the shower...hey, at least it wasn't on the floor and it was hella easy to clean up!
5. Being down 5lbs despite the pizza and white wine I consumed.
6. My new found motivation to get a new job...or my new found hatred of the job I have now...both will end up with the same result.
7. Finding a house to buy totally in our price range (we're not buying it, but its encouraging to see then possibility is so much closer then we think)
8. Finding leftover feta - still good, and just enough for us to have another fresh greek salad tonight! And some chicken breast for my meat eating man-friend
9. Losing track of time and realizing your already 2 hours into your shift.
10. More kitten snuggles!

Monday, August 29

that's right!

What has 2 thumbs and lost 5 pounds this week?


Yup, running daily, fruit and vegetable mouth orgy, minimal carbs, no pizza and only a small amount of booze. I don't expect these results again, the first week is always the best. But I am still very impressed with myself!

So much water...

Still haven't got my computer fixed, nor have I purchased a new one. So as of now I am limited to using Will's computer when he isn't busy playing Pitch Hitter or Tetris, lol.

I also can't post any pictures until I get my computer back. Which sucks big time cause I have some great pictures of the greek salad I made, my cute kitty basking in the sun, me after a workout, Will wearing a fake nail, and the kind of manicure I'm gonna get for the wedding. I will have to post all my pictures when I finally get my computer back/a new computer.

On another note - Will and I went to Chapters on Sunday to so some browsing and eventually some purchasing. I found a wedding planning book, a biography on those involved in the Salem Witch Trials, a biography of Anthony and Cleopatra, and Will found a book about Free Masonry...or something like that. It was quite a successful trip. We came home, ordered dinner, had a glass (or 3) of wine and settled into bed to do some reading.

Well I just finished a workout (5km in 44 minutes, then a 6 minute walk and 10 minutes of weights and strength training). I realize that's not marathon quality or anything, but I haven't worked out in like 2 years, and am now probably 30 lbs overweight (fuck shit cock balls...I hate myself) I am quite sweaty but not looking forward to washing my hair with these fake nails...

Friday, August 26


Posting quickly from Will's computer... as the ashes of mine are still smoldering in the corner...

I'm going to make a real greek salad tonight, and I am super excited. I LOOOVE greek salad and I don't know why I never make it. We're also getting a pizza and some sparkly. My job is so depressing the only cure is mimosas, pizza, and greek food.

So we've has some run in with the neighbors (I wont go into detail)...but I just wanted to comment on how hilariously immature these people are. They have a child, I just want to point out. Yet since she screamed at me (and I, be proud, kept my cool and was totally an adult about it SURPRISE) they have been parking there car in front of our back door, making as much noise out front, smoking everywhere...pretty much anything they think will piss us off. It makes me happy to see that I've had such an effect on someone.

Well I hear a tiny bottle of Grey Goose that my fantastic fiancee bought me calling...must go indulge in some UTItinis...yummy~


So my computer is fucked. Some sort of corrupt file, apparently one that is essential for turning the computer on.

My options seems to be:

a) cry about it - I've tried this one, it's not helping get the computer working

b) pay shipping and handeling (both ways) to send it to Sony to possibly have it fixed, and pay an additional 599 - 699 American dollars to have this happen - the computer cost $700 in the first place, so this is a stupid option...thanks Sony!

c) Throw said computer out the window, while laugh/crying crazily - although the most appealing of my options I think I will pass

d) Back up my files and buy a new computer - seems to be the easiest option

I guess we're taking a trip to Best Buy this weekend. I will never ever buy another Sony product ever! Thank god Will and I are the stingyest motherfuckers on earth! I think we have enough saved to buy me a half decent computer. Sucks though, I was gonna buy a dining room set with that cash. Oh well, what can you do, I suppose.

Wednesday, August 24

After I Do

What happens after I do, do we change into married people? Do I stop loving Big Brother, getting drunk for no reason, and start loving my job. No, I highly doubt that will happen. Such a big hubub about something.

I hear people talk and tell me that it does change the relationship to be married, but no one seems to have a clear explanation of how exactly. If thats true, then I don't want to get married anymore. I am more then happy with the way our relationship is.

Again, I don't believe anything is going to change. We will both have another ring, a piece of paper, and a nice tan from our Honeymoon...but as for life changes...I expect there to be none. Well other than my last name, I guess I'll have to learn how to spell Will's monstrosity of a last name at some point.

I'm excited for the party, seeing all my friends and family, meeting Will's out west family and friends, and going on an amazing vacation afterwards. The dress? Well, I'm not gonna complain about being able to buy a ridiculously fancy dress for the evening. Also having some very out of character glamour shots of us and our friends will be thrillingly hilarious.

I am excited to get married, but probably not for all the traditional reasons. I'm already an excellent faux wifey, and Will is a fantastic faux husband. Our faux marriage is far from perfect, but I am perfectly happy in it.

Monday, August 22

10 Things I'm Happy For!

1. Cranberry juice...
2. Buying the first thing for our wedding!
3. Halloween decorations.
4. Being woken up by kitten snuggles
5. New workout gear
6. Cleaning and organizing our spare room
7. Perfectly sweet gigantic green grapes
8. Being able to have dinner with Will every night from now on
9. Brown riding boots that look good with everything
10. Large wall calendars from Staples

Not included on the list but I am also happy for Officer Webster, for dropping my speeding ticket to a bylaw violation which significatly reduced the amount. And also for being the happiest OPP officer to ever pull me over at 6:30am...also the sneakiest, I have no idea where he was hiding but my stupid ass certainly didnt see him!

Sunday, August 21

home and shopping

So we're home from the cottage. What an amazing time. I very much enjoyed our routine: get up, coffee, breakfast, sit around, lunch, swimming, snacks, booze, swimming, tanning, booze, dinner, booze, passout. Its a tough life, but we're home now and right back into the swing of things.

Will starts his new job tomorrow and I think he's quite excited about it. It's a great step in the right direction for our little family. And I also got a call and an online interview for a job this weekend. I should hear about that by Wednesday, so I'm quite excited.

We needed to go grocery shopping to replenish the supplies for the week. We also made a quick stop at Michaels and picked up our wedding invitations!!! They are so cute, and 30% off - AWESOME!!

I am also fully obsessed with Halloween, and we had a 40% off coupon, so I bought this...

We also stopped at Walmart. I needed another sports bra (I got 2) and finally decided I should just get a whole workout outfit. The shirts were retarded cheap so I got 3 (while, grey and black) and the sports bras are black and this pink. I need new running shoes as well, but I would prefer to buy them in a real store, lol, where they know stuff about good shoes.

Will bought me GreyGoose so I think it's time for one last cocktail before I re-embark on another health kick!

Friday, August 12


I made so much pesto to take to the cottage. Pesto is my favorite thing ever, and it tastes even better when it's all homemade.

I destroyed my plant, lol, literally took EVERY single leaf off.
Such a bright amazing green!
All ready to take to the cottage! I'm very excited. I still have a lot of stufdf left to pack and organize. H&D are bringing the cats over tomorrow morning and then they are heading to my parents place for lunch. Will has to work until 2 so we're going to meet everyone there probably around 5 or 6ish.

Thursday, August 11


How long exactly am I going away for? I have no control when I'm packing. I think I have enough clothes to last 2 weeks, but this is honestly a controlled amount. Why do I need 10 idea...

Monday, August 8

Too Much?

So I have been doing some research on center pieces, and since it was so boring working on Sunday my manager and I were looking into different options. I don't really like flowers that much so I probably wont be using many, which will keep costs down...and also go with my offbeat self.

I'm not sure if this is "too much", it's very grand, which I like. I would use less white and I'm going for a fairly dark, romantic, dramatic kind of wedding. I saw another one that was similar but the feathers were in a vase filled with pearls. I don't like the pearl idea, I was thinking plums, the perfect colour. I'm too weird for my own good, I need Will to keep my grounded with this wedding. One of my bridemaids suggested they all wear fascinators...she was possibly joking, but I still love the idea. Oh god, this wedding is gonna be crazy awesome.

Sunday, August 7


I made Will an amazing dinner tonight. Spice Italian sausage, red pepper, spinach, and brown rice. All cooked in white wine and veggie broth. It certainly smells good and Will isn't having an issues eating it. Dinner would be so much easier if I ate meat, I spend a lot more time cooking for him then I do cooking for me. I just feel like I have a lot more options with his food. Also, all the cooking I did in college was with meat, so thats probably another reason I prefer to cook for Will.

working on a sunday

Another long boring day of work, thank god it's almost over. Only 1 more hour!

I'm getting very excited to go to the cottage. I have mentally planned what I need to bring, and obviously I am bringing too much. How many dresses does a girl need for 5 days? Well, at least 7, and 4 bathing suits and probably 3 sweaters. Is it going to be cold? Who knows, but if it is I will be prepared. I'm glad we bought that cooler tho cause we're planning on bringing booze and snacks for the week. I'm sure my mom has everything meal planned down to the second, but having some extra food never hurts. I'm also going to bring my blender and some frozen fruit so I can have my smoothies in the morning. And if some mararitas accidentally make the trip with me I will be prepared.

Guess I should get back to work...or not...

Saturday, August 6

Cottage Shopping!

So I went to Walmart with my sister yesterday for some deliciously cheap shopping for the cottage. Got some essentials like sunscreen and razors, and of course a few completely unnecessary items.

A couple of over sized tank top for chilling by the water.
A couple of sweaters that I don't need nor do I have any room for more clothes...but anyway. I also got new sheets and pillow cases. The colour is called Orchid, my favorite! Don't mind MacGuffin, he's a scene stealer.

Now back to cleaning, I've been neglectful the past couple of weeks.

Friday, August 5

I'm back.

It's been too long since I've updated this thing. I also go on sprees ofn blogging and then I forget about it. Kinda the same way I work out, which is not a good thing.

I'm still working at the same place, although not doing retention anymore. Not that I was fired from it, I was just backup and I guess they have enough staff right now to handle the calls. So I'm looking for a new job and I am getting bored with this one. Same shit, day after day...and I mean literally the same. Didn't get your paper? I'm sorry, I'll send another one. Didn't get your paper? I'm sorry, I'll send another one. Didn't get your paper? I'm sorry, I'll send another one. Also been discussing moving out of Ottawa with my manfriend...(oh by the way my man friend is now my fiancee man friend). He is not 100% sold on the idea yet, but I think he is still considering it.

Doing a lot of wedding planning - small stuff like deciding of dress styles, colours, checking prices of rentals, favours and all that fun shit. I've already decided on a dark purple theme, probably with some silver accents. I think we have decided on a location as well, its a small golf course out in North Gower. It's cheap, and pretty and (although 40 minute drive) a great location for pictures. Since its a winter wedding we wont get all the flower and leafs and shit, but they have some nice scenery around the grounds to take pictures at. Old fences, rocks, stair cases in the forest - cool stuff like that which would look awesome in black and white pictures.

I am also committed to finally getting back to running. Everytime I start running again I get off track in about a week or so. I have to figure out a way to keep my motivation, other then Will "reminding" me to do it. I know he's only trying to help but my fucked up mind goes right to assuming he thinks I'm fat and need to workout. Crazy, I know, but I can't help it. I'm ridiculously sensitive about stuff like that.

I also want to start taking more pictures of things we do. I'm hoping restarting this blog will remind me to take pictures so I can post all the fun shit we do, especially now with wedding planning I have lots of stressfully fun things happening in the next year.