Tuesday, August 14


Just a little frustrated.

*Watch out, you've pissed off a Canadian*

Neighbours are moving in today and they parked the moving truck in front of my driveway.
Nope. No one is going to use the driveway until 6pm.
But they don't know that.
Normal people would ask if it's ok.
We asked when we moved in, and even though the guy was rude about it he said he had no problem if we blocked his car in for a few hours.
It's a small road we're on, so I understand there is no other option but to block someone's driveway...but if it's going to be mine I expect you to at least show your face at my door to let me know.

Monday, August 13

OH GOD! If only I could think of a new title for this blog I miiiiiight actually start writing again...I'm so uninspired.

Tuesday, February 14

v-day, kinda

I love how simple Will is.

"Want anything special for Valentines Day dinner?"

"Umm...like...meat and potatoes??"

Impressing him is a very easy job...throw some garlic in mashed potatoes and he's happy.

Otherwise Will isn't feeling 100%, it's a Tuesday and moving makes us poor...so v-day isn't going to be extravagant...which is fine with me. Will isn't going to hockey so he can spend the evening with me! And that's the best v-day gift...

Tuesday, February 7


So I need to find a new name for this blog since I'm moving out of Vanier at the end of the month. YAY!!!

Just wanted to toot my own horn for a second. The last few weeks I have been doing a menu for the week, and I'm doing this for 2 reasons. First, it's easier to only shop once when you've planned for the week. Secondly, if I have a plan I will be less likely to get annoyed at having to figure something out and order a pizza.

I have managed to feed us for about $100 a week, which I've been pretty impressed with. I'm not serving garbage meals either, I spend a good amount of time and effort planning yummy and healthy meals.

I also need to invest in a good roasting pan after discovering how cheap a whole chicken is. Or I cook try to dig up that part of my brain from college where I learned how to dissect a chicken. I think I may have buried it in the "Animal Crulty" section...but it's possible I was smart enough to put it in the "Hey...this is something I can use later in life" area of my brain.

Friday, January 20

another step...

So we booked the DJ last night!

Had a lot of fun picking out Must Play and Do Not play song lists.

They looks like a really good company and I'm excited to use them.

Thursday, January 19

why do i do this to myself?

Michael Smith is the single most annoying man ever! Why do I watch his show everyday. Sometimes he makes me angry. Literally throwing and slamming everything possible. With his impossibly ugly button down shirts (tucked in - for fucks sakes).

Same with Rachel Ray...she thinks she so fucking cute and funny but she's kinda just trashy. She's always licking the side of her mouth, interrupting her guests and laughing at her own jokes.

Yet everyday I continue to torture myself with these two idiots.

Screw this...I'm gonna eat some butternut squash soup and then start some packing.

Tuesday, January 17


We're moving! FINALLY!

We went to see the place in Barrhaven this afternoon and fell in love. It's huge, 3 bedrooms, freshly painted and renovated.

We are going to sign the lease and make the big payment on Friday!

We are very excited! I hate where we live now. It's so trashy and unfriendly. But I suppose most low income areas (ghetto) are kinda like this. But that doesn't mean I have to like it.

Finally we will have a small backyard for a puppy (WHEN we get one).

Monday, January 16

i need to move out of this ghetto

Some lady was picking through our recycling bin this morning.

I don't mind that.

But she kept throwing things on the ground and making a mess of my lawn.

So I went outside and asked her to put the stuff back into the box.

She ignored me and powered (she was driving a power chair) away from me.

It enraged me.

Next week I'm gonna stand next to out recycling and tell her to keep moving.

I realize we threw it out so we obviously don't want it. She is more then welcome to our empty cat litter and gingerale cans but don't throw it all over my lawn while digging for something good.

Does she think I recycle money or something?

Friday, January 13

Day 5

So I made it to day 5 of this cleanse...which I'm quite impressed with. It's honestly been quite a struggle.

It's not that I'm hungry, the lemonade is actually really good and keeps me feeling full, but I have a need to chew something. Anything. I'm not even supposed to chew gum. Apparently the first 4 days are the worst so hopefully I start regaining energy and my primal need to chew starts to decline. But who knows.

I have lost some weight as well (and who wouldn't) but I'm pretty sure most of it is because there is nothing inside me, just organs and blood. Although eating nothing for 4 days I must have lost a couple of real pounds.

Will is being very supportive, which is helping so much. Especially since there is an unopened bag of my favourite Miss Vickies chips in the cupboard, and last night Will sat beside me and ate Lindt chocolate...that bastard. I asked him if he expected me to succeed at this and he said he really had no expectations of it, he really had no idea. He said he will support me while I do this and support me the second I decide to stop.

I am being a realist about this, I will not let this become a sentence.

But on to something less lemon-y.

We are making arrangements with the DJ company for our wedding to make our down payment. We are getting a cheaper rate because our wedding is in the "off-season"...there is no off-season for weddings, but whatever.

We've also got our rings picked out but we need to go get Will's finger measured as he has never worn a ring before and have NO idea what size he would be. He also is concerned because he is apparently the only person in the whole world with big knuckles...uh huh. He's so unique.

I need to make another trip into CP soon to order my dress. I've definitely decided which dress I want and I'm very excited about it. I love going out there, I'll be able to mooch a good meal off my parents. YES!

Tuesday, January 10

Day 2

I always forget to blog, even when interesting things happens. Then it just seems pathetic to blog about them a month later.

Well anyway, I am on my second day of the master cleanse and I'm feeling fine. The lemonade is actually totally yummy and so far the salt water flush is unnecessary...my body is doing that on its own. We'll see how this goes...if it starts effecting my mood or anything negatively I'll be stopping. I've always been interested in trying this cleanse but I'm not willing to torture myself. But like I said, it's great right now. I feel fine, no headaches, still have energy during the day (although last night I was tired around 8:30).

Guess I'll do my best to keep you updated during my cleanse. I have to get some laxative tea for day 3-10 to ensure I keep "evacuating"....I've never had a problem with that...