Wednesday, December 28

who else can you talk about ass-pubes with?

I haven't been able to blog much lately...

Like I have SUCH an exciting life that I get that's not it.

Lots has been going on but my lack of blogging is due to not wanting to bore you with emotional, badly written novels about my sister.

They leave tomorrow morning. My sister, Dan and the babies.

Will and I are driving to the airport to say goodbye tomorrow morning...very early.

Holly said I owed her a coffee if I cried, lol. Funny shit, Holly. That means I'm already in debt to her 20-30 coffees...

Riley and Miles made me realize emotions I had that I had no idea I could experience, and them moving is the same. I had no idea I could be so sad about something.

Holly said I was kinda hermet like the other day...she's right...except with her. I would/will always make time for my sister. No questions asked.

I can't believe sh'es not gonna be across the street from me anymore.

The furthest we've been is a 4 hour drive...I don't know if I can handle her being in a different province.

This is all very selfish of me, I realize. This is the best thing for her and her family and I'm excited for her to start her new life and make friends and tell me all about it. Don't get me wrong. I'm so pumped for her. This is an amazing opportunity!

I could always tell Holly anything; no matter how disgusting, graphic, horrible, self serving, ridiculous or alcoholic without judgement. She had always experienced everything I needed advice about so she is my sounding board...thank god for Skype!

This is a great decision for them and I'm happy Holly and her family is going to have a great life! It's going to be awesome when I get to come visit cause I've never been to Alberta and hopefully I can go in February sometime.

I can't sleep though...Holly is like my bestfriend...I need her and I'm terribly upset she's leaving...I'm gonna be abusing Skype like crazy!

But again...I remind myself that this the best decision for her family and a great opportunity and I'm comforted a little that at the very least she'll be Alberta-rich!

Sunday, December 4

Good weekend

Will and I are having a lovely weekend together.

Saturday we cleaned the basement, returned out empties (got 36 bucks back!) and had a small pizza dinner. Will went out with some of his friends for a few hours and then came home to watch SNL and cuddle.

Today we woke up late, took forever to get out of bed, drank coffee (I had tea) VERY leisurely, then got dressed and went for a walk. We actually walked through the military graveyard, which was beautiful and totally peaceful.

We were out for about 50 minutes, which was the most I could handle. I strained my achilles running on Saturday so I've had to be gentle on my feet. We got home and settled in to watch Home Alone 1 and 2...Mulligan did not enjoy it.

Just taking it easy before another week begins!

Friday, December 2

Friday Five

Fives things I was happy for this week:

1. Thin crust spinach pizza

2. Running the mile in under 10 minutes 5 days in a row...woot!

3. Warm kitty cuddles

4. E.I coming through for me!

5. Homemade butternut squash soup

Thursday, December 1

The Mo in No Mo

FINALLY Movember is over and Will has shaved off his 'stache. I hate it, every year I hate it. But this year he managed to raise $90.00 towards Prostate Cancer research, and because of that fact I am at peace with his yearly facial distraction. We took this one last picture to commemorate the month.

Usually I participate with No-Shave November...your supposed to not shave anything for the month. Well not shaving my armpits is not an option, other place that I refuse to let I just stick with the legs. This year I only lasted 3 days...what a loser I am. Last year I didn't shave at all in November and man was I uncomfortable by the end of the month. Word got around work (when I had a job) and all the girls wanted to see (and some touch) my man legs...the guys were pretty repelled. Bah, what do they know.