Thursday, December 1

The Mo in No Mo

FINALLY Movember is over and Will has shaved off his 'stache. I hate it, every year I hate it. But this year he managed to raise $90.00 towards Prostate Cancer research, and because of that fact I am at peace with his yearly facial distraction. We took this one last picture to commemorate the month.

Usually I participate with No-Shave November...your supposed to not shave anything for the month. Well not shaving my armpits is not an option, other place that I refuse to let I just stick with the legs. This year I only lasted 3 days...what a loser I am. Last year I didn't shave at all in November and man was I uncomfortable by the end of the month. Word got around work (when I had a job) and all the girls wanted to see (and some touch) my man legs...the guys were pretty repelled. Bah, what do they know.

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