Saturday, March 12


It has been a rollercoaster last couple of weeks. I've been sick, then better, then sicker, now better again. I had a really bad sore throat for about a day, then 3 days of total head congestion, a day of feeling better, and then a full week of coughing, weezing, and not being able to breath. It was freaking horrible. I have been off work, no energy, not allowed to work out. But I'm slowly on the mend. I'm able to breath for the most part, as long as I'm not trying to sleep, and I'm back at work.

I've started as back-up retention at work, which is a nice change. And it's a great opportunity to make more money, lots of incentives for saving customers, donated papers, eeditions... Which is very useful right now since I've only worked 3 days in the last 2 weeks...I need all the money I can get.

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