Saturday, February 26

first week

The first week of my mission to fit into my summer clothes is almost over. I'm doing really well. Started at 170lbs (holy shit, how did I gain 30 pounds in a year?) and I'm already down to 164.4lbs. I'm happy with that. Basically I am too cheap/poor to buy new summer clothes, so I'd rather just fit back into the ones I already have, lol. I think I only need to get down to like 150lbs for that too happen. I'm not in any rush though, it's not gonna be warm until like July anyway.

I'm looking forward to Will getting home so I can have some veggie pizza, mmmmmm, pizzzza!

1 comment:

  1. Good work hunny!! Looks like we are heading out tonite to Montreal. Remember to book a BD table for supper whenever is good for all of you! See you in a couple weeks. Love ya:-)