Tuesday, January 10

Day 2

I always forget to blog, even when interesting things happens. Then it just seems pathetic to blog about them a month later.

Well anyway, I am on my second day of the master cleanse and I'm feeling fine. The lemonade is actually totally yummy and so far the salt water flush is unnecessary...my body is doing that on its own. We'll see how this goes...if it starts effecting my mood or anything negatively I'll be stopping. I've always been interested in trying this cleanse but I'm not willing to torture myself. But like I said, it's great right now. I feel fine, no headaches, still have energy during the day (although last night I was tired around 8:30).

Guess I'll do my best to keep you updated during my cleanse. I have to get some laxative tea for day 3-10 to ensure I keep "evacuating"....I've never had a problem with that...

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