Friday, January 13

Day 5

So I made it to day 5 of this cleanse...which I'm quite impressed with. It's honestly been quite a struggle.

It's not that I'm hungry, the lemonade is actually really good and keeps me feeling full, but I have a need to chew something. Anything. I'm not even supposed to chew gum. Apparently the first 4 days are the worst so hopefully I start regaining energy and my primal need to chew starts to decline. But who knows.

I have lost some weight as well (and who wouldn't) but I'm pretty sure most of it is because there is nothing inside me, just organs and blood. Although eating nothing for 4 days I must have lost a couple of real pounds.

Will is being very supportive, which is helping so much. Especially since there is an unopened bag of my favourite Miss Vickies chips in the cupboard, and last night Will sat beside me and ate Lindt chocolate...that bastard. I asked him if he expected me to succeed at this and he said he really had no expectations of it, he really had no idea. He said he will support me while I do this and support me the second I decide to stop.

I am being a realist about this, I will not let this become a sentence.

But on to something less lemon-y.

We are making arrangements with the DJ company for our wedding to make our down payment. We are getting a cheaper rate because our wedding is in the "off-season"...there is no off-season for weddings, but whatever.

We've also got our rings picked out but we need to go get Will's finger measured as he has never worn a ring before and have NO idea what size he would be. He also is concerned because he is apparently the only person in the whole world with big knuckles...uh huh. He's so unique.

I need to make another trip into CP soon to order my dress. I've definitely decided which dress I want and I'm very excited about it. I love going out there, I'll be able to mooch a good meal off my parents. YES!

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