Saturday, January 1

New Year, New Blog

Another year begins and again I decide to try and maintain another blog. Let's see how long this one lasts.

We rung in the new year with movies and bubbly, a very chill evening but very pleasant. A lot has happened in the last year. I am still in the same job, with Sunmedia, but I have taken on some responsibilities as a "Learning Support Coach" which basically means I train the new hires. Will is still working at Home Outfitters but has moved to the store in Orleans. He also took on a seasonal position at LCBO for some extra cash. Fingers crossed he might be able to get in there full time, the benefits alone would be more then worth it.

In November we moved from our bird shit covered apartment in Mooneys Bay to a townhouse off Montreal rd. Technically, I suppose, it is Vanier, but it's not a sketchy neighborhood. Two bedrooms, lots more room, a basement with laundry, and a garage. It's only like $50 more then our apartment but at least double the space.

I'm quite happy with the developments of the last year, hopefully 2011 is just as good to us.

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