Sunday, January 23


Had a fabulous KFB. Turns out were not as old as we thought, we were able to make it past midnight both Friday AND Saturday! Crazy. Although I love my ladies and I wish I could see them more, this whole drunken weekend thing can't happen more often, lol. I, apparently, am not 19 anymore. Weird.

Work is going well, still doing a lot of training and loving it. I'm hoping this might turn into a fulltime job. I don't mind being on the phones but I really love training the new hires. If we could find a way to schedule uptraining for agents who feel they need it I think it would be a very viable option to keep us on fulltime. But we will see how it goes. I am very happy with the way things are going and take it from there.

I have also been having a lot of issues with my car the past couple of weeks. The other day my car basically exploded, oil was bad. Turns out the motor blew and we had to get a brand new one. That was a terrible carless week. Then about 3 days after I finally got Hank back the car randomly shut itself off and would not turn back on. Turns out it has some sort of emergency security system that "thought the car was being stolen" so it disconnected the engine. Thank god that only took a day to fix. Fingers crossed that's the last issue I have for a while...

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