Monday, February 21


Did my first run today, and man did I forget how much I love running. Did a mile in 11.45 minutes, which is pretty good considering its been 2 years since I've worked out. I can probably get that down to 10 minutes in a couple of weeks. Thinking if I keep on track I can probably loose a few lbs this week, but i'll keep you updated on my progress. Just the lbs lost, a lady never tells her weight or age, lol. Just kidding, I'm no lady.

Parents are coming in today for a visit, which will be nice. And I believe they are gonna take us out to dinner at Boston Pizza. I was looking online to see the calories in some of the stuff they serve there. Blew my freakin' mind. A greek salad is 1040 calories...for a fucking salad. Thats crazy.

Guess I should shower and get dressed or parents probably don't wanna see sweaty gross Siobhan

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  1. Good job hunny!! I'm happy to walk the mile in 20.
    Have a good shower. Maybe we can share something at BP. I've been doing really good too. Almost 10 pounds in 2 weeks :-)
    See you in a couple!!