Sunday, February 13


Phew, been so busy I haven't been able to update this thing. Finally done training and now I'm back to phones until they decide I'm training again, lol, love that job security!

I have a four day weekend which is fantastic. I spent yesterday cleaning everything and washing anything. The house looks fantastic. Which is awesome, cause now I can spend the next 3 days doing pretty much nothing. When Will gets home from work tonight we're gonna go buy some groceries for dinner tomorrow night. I think we're gonna do some steak, potato, steamed veggies, and a salad. Aaanndd depending on the basil situation I might make some pesto.

I can't wait until the summer so I can have a garden with my own herbs in it. I'm thinking I'm gonna take some time off once it gets warm and extend my garden. Maybe see if my mom wants to come help, with the promise of cocktails and free food. The people who used to live here kind of let the garden go nuts, and for some reason they put a lot of rocks in the garden. I guess I'll get Will to do all the digging and shit, and then my mom and I (pending her acceptance) can do all the fun planting and drinking, lol.

Will and I are also thinking about getting a dog. We have been checking out breeds and prices...since I'm such a cheap ass I need to make 6 or 7 lists and budgets before I can commit to anything. So far it looks like it would be completely doable. Especially if Will does get this full-time position at the end of February. We've been looking at min pins and labs so far. A lab mix would be great, mixed with a medium sized breed. Ideally we would want a medium sized dog that is fairly low key. Nothing that wants to run everywhere, lol, walks I'm okay with but I'm not going for a run with a dog when it's minus 40.

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