Saturday, February 19


Had a lovely valentines day. We went out for lunch at Cyranos, then came home and we cooked dinner together. Pretty chill. But it's always nice to actually spend some time with Will, lol. I don't get to do that much. I made (Will mostly just cut stuff, lol) steak, sauteed mushrooms with gravy, garlic mashed potatos, steamed broccoli/cauliflower, and cupcakes for dessert. Oh and of course bubbly...maybe a little too much bubbly. I normally wouldn't say that but I vaguly remember stumbling up the stairs to bed and Will claims I was slurring the words while playing Guitar Hero...thank god I'm a hot drunk, LOL!

Lots of stuff going on on the work front. Will has the possibility of getting a keyholder postion at H.O...which hopefully would mean more money. And they are making me backup (yes backup to something ELSE) retention, which could possibly make me more money. And thank god for both of those things. Financially we aren't actually doing too bad, but extra money never hurt anyone.

I'm gonna go buy a treadmill tomorrow. I finally got frusterated with myself enough to bite the bullet. I miss running and I just never felt like I was actually getting a workout on the eliptical. So wish the Scottish in me good luck...I'm totally gonna need a glass of wine after spending that much money.

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