Tuesday, September 6

Are you stressed yet?

So when do I start getting stressed about this wedding thing? Cause I'm not. And people keep asking me if I am, like I'm supposed to be sweating and power drinking due to all the stress. We still have MORE then a year, and I realize this year will probably fly by but I'm still not stressed yet. I have a lot of time left to worry about things.

Right now I'm just enjoying being engaged and occasionally buying something wedding related when we get a 40% off coupon for Michael's. We have random adorable napkins and our invitations already.

We have our guest list ready, and almost all the addresses (getting addresses out of Will's family seems harder then it should be.) We picked colours, theme, location (just have to make the down-payment), we have an idea for the DJ and photographer, honeymoon location picked, wedding parties asked and confirmed, and the date picked. Just got to put it all into motion.

I realize its going to get stressful at some point, I just don't get why everyone thinks that has to be now. I just want to enjoy the engagement before I start being a bitch about wedding planning, har har har, nice joke, eh. I'm always a bitch.

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