Friday, September 2

Not feelin' it

I've been working out a lot but I'm not seeing or feeling any changes. It's ridiculously frustrating. I need a glass of wine, but this doesn't mean I'm giving up. It means I worked out 4 days already this week and I deserve a motherfucking glass or 3 of wine. And I'm gonna freaking enjoy it.

So my life is so pathetic this is what has been plaguing me the last few days. How much cheese is 30g (1 oz)? My cheese is 120 calories for 30 grams, I assume each slice is a gram, but Will insists my slices are so thin that 4 or 5 slices would be 30 grams. Goddamn, I'm confused. I was informed it's the size of 4 cubes the size of dice...but I don't eat my cheese in cubes, I eat them in slices. The trial and tribulations of a cheese addict on a diet...

I'm very pleased its a long weekend, I feel like I need it. There are some very good things happening for us in the next few months. Something good (fingers crossed) for me this week, and something good (fingers crossed) for us by December. More news on that as it develops...but it's exciting, I assure you.

And I finally found a picture of how I'm gonna get my nails done for the wedding. Crazily enough, it was Will who found this design and suggested it. I just love it, so cool and funky...and non-traditional!

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