Monday, September 12

s dub

I only got the chance to start the grieving process for Sun Media. But instead of that I got a new job and bought a 50 inch plasma HDTV.

Thanks for the severance, Sun Media. You had to close, and me and my giant T.V accept that.

Sometimes decisions you make do not make everyone happy, and some of your decisions are silly and hurtful, but me, my giant T.V and higher paying job accept your apology.

Although my giant TV was kind of an asshole for a bit. I had to remove the seats from my car to get it home, and putting together the TV stand was goddamn annoying. It's worth it though. And tonight Will and I are going to get a high def box so we can fully enjoy our new tv. I can't wait to watch Big Brother in HD, my god Rachael is gonna look so gross, lol. Then we can watch HD TV and have our taco night!

We moved our downstairs TV to our room and I offered our smaller TV to Holly for free, cause I know she wants a TV for their bedroom. I called and texted her about it but she's not answering right now. I don't know if she's not getting my texts and calls or if she's ignoring me. Either way, the TV is going in the garbage next week.

So today is my last of 2 days of unemployment. I guess I'll do some laundry and clean the house up, there isn't much else for me to do. Although I sound like I'm bragging I do know how incredibly lucky I am to have found a new job the day after getting laid off. I would have quit Sun Media Friday anyway, so this lay-off happened at the perfect time. And I do wish everyone there the best of luck finding a better job, where your respected and not lied to.

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