Saturday, September 17

Fer (that's french for iron)

I've always been moody, our family seems to breed moody women. Like super moody. For the last 2 years I've been in a bad mood at least once a day.

The other day Will finally had a mini freak-out about it and informed me he couldn't handle my moods anymore. So we had a long long talk about it and kind of resolved it. Went back to work the next day and hear that iron actually effects your moods. And because I'm vegetarian I know I am low on iron, which maybe is effecting my moods. huh.

So I informed Will and we immediately went to Shoppers and bought some iron and started taking it right away. I started taking my multi-vit again as well, and vit-c because apparently it helps the iron get absorbed faster.

Well it's been 4 days and I've never felt so good. Not one single bad mood or grump. It's probably a combination of getting a new job I like, the pills and finally talking to Will about it. But whatever it is, I finally feel good.

I told Will that I knew when I was being a bitch but I couldn't stop myself. I guess it was a mixture of lots of shit in my life at that time. Getting laid off seems to be more and more exactly what I needed. Financially, mentally and for my relationship.

I'm happy and excited for the future. I'll be moving from the training clinic to my own clinic in the next couple of weeks. And we're going to look at townhouses in Barrhaven, which is a huge upgrade from this dump of a 'hood we live in now. I'm excited for the future!

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