Monday, October 24

healthy and happy

I am very encouraged.

I've eaten so well the last 5 days, and I've worked out every day. NO cheating, not even once. All though I thought about it every second of those 5 days.

I just wanna sit down and eat a whole bag of Miss Vickies. Yumby! But I hate how I feel and how I feel about myself when I do that, so it's pretty easy to not give in.

I also have decided to just run. Run until I'm pooped and then I'm done. I've still managed to work out over 30 minutes every day. Telling myself I have to work out for an hour just makes me cranky. This way if I'm feeling a little down one day I can jog for 15-20 minutes and still burn enough calories for it to be worth it. I also managed to run for 5km straight, which I have NEVER done before! Took me 41 minutes, not exactly Olympic quality, but 4 minutes faster then I've ever gone before. And it can only get better from there. If I keep this up I may be able to run a 10km in the spring...

I have lost weight, which is fantastic. But I'm also feeling more positive about myself. I don't think I've called myself fat for a couple of days...and that's awesome. I call usually call myself fat on an hourly basis.

Obviously I will be cheating. Will's birthday is coming up, and I believe my KFB girls are coming for a visit sometime in November. But no diet will work if you deprive yourself of everything. I found these McCain Spinach Thin Crust Pizza.... 170 calories for 1/4 of the pizza. As long as you don't eat the whole thing (or burn 500 calories working out that day) it's still decent for you. Spinach is health food, right?

My "official" weigh in will be on Wednesday morning. I have a goal weight in mind, which I wont be sharing...unless I reach it.

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