Wednesday, October 26


Yesterday my sister and I took her babies for a walk around the non-ghetto 'hood across the street from us. Walked for about an hour. With the 30 minute jog I put in that morning I worked out for like 87 minutes yesterday and burned 500 calories, and strangely enough it was the first day in 7 days that I haven't lost weight. Oh well, I did lose 6lbs in 7 days so I can't really complain. Although I was kinda bummed, I was hoping for a lbs a day, but I've still done well.

November is gonna be a messy month for overeating, lots of reasons to cheat. My KFB girls are coming for a visit, Will's birthday, and if Holly and Dan move we'll have a going away part I'm sure. But that's okay. I'm gonna keep up with my running and eating well. The days I fuck up I will just enjoy and not punish myself or feel guilty for. Ya, that was all real easy to type, let's hope it happens.

I have 21.4lbs total to lose, 15.4lbs now, and I think I can get very close to that by Christmas.

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