Monday, October 24

im awesome

Finally tried spaghetti squash.

Holy shit its good, and so effing simple to make.

Cut it in half, place cut side down, shove in oven for 40 minutes....DONERS!!!

I put cooked tomatoes and garlic on it but it would have been yummy with just parm. cheese...or even pesto.

As long as you disassociate it with the texture of real noodles then you will really enjoy it. Trust me, it's nothing like spaghetti, other than the shape.

And only around 80 calories for 2 cups. It's my new favourite food. The one squash I bought has about 4 servings in it, so it's well worth the money.

I recommend everyone try it once.

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  1. You probably don't remember my efforts at spag squash when you were kids. I need not tell you that you nor Holly were impressed. Glad to see your tastes have changed :-). Pics????