Friday, November 4

Friday 5

Five things that made me happy this week:

1. Family dinners - quiche will Will's fam, and paneer with mine...YUM!

2. Seeing Holly's babies try cereal for the first time...who am I kidding EVERYTHING they do is cute and I'm happy to see.

3. Being 1 year away from officially being Mrs. van Nieuwenhuyze, and getting roses from Will! He's never given me roses before.

4. KFB - Wedding Planning Edition! Mandi and Heather (bridesmaids) have confirmed they will be visiting the weekend of November 12th. There shall be wine, wedding dress shopping, wine, chips, terrible music, and pictures of H passed out with her mouth open!

5. Not quitting. I fucked up, 4 days in a row I fucked up. I gained weight back. But I got right back on track. Working out (ran over 4 miles today) and eating healthy. Maybe I wont lose as fast as I want, but at least I wont quit.


  1. 1. :-)
    2. :-)
    3. :-)
    4. :-)
    5. :-)

  2. Good for you for getting back on the diet. I myself am trying to drop 2 jeans sizes and I've been working very hard, for every week that I diet I slip up for two days. It's hard work but I really hope you get there!