Friday, November 25

that was fast

I didn't expect to get my EI so quickly. I was informed I was approved on Monday and received my EI on Wednesday. Thank god. It's a very small amount of money but it still helps. Will should be getting his review and raise (fingers crossed) in the next 2 weeks so we're gonna be cruising!

Holly and Dan are coming over tonight for one last hurrah. Dan is leaving tomorrow morning for Alberta so he planned to stay the night here anyway and we were going to take him to the airport on Saturday. I thought it would be fun if Holly came out as well and we could spend an evening eating appetizers, drinking wine and watching shitty movies. That way we could spend one final time, the four of us, with no baby responsibilities, and Holly could drive Dan to the airport in the morning and be able to say goodbye there. They should be out here sometime in the late afternoon and I have some prep work to do for all the food I'm making!

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