Monday, November 21

Oh Em Gee...finally!

As you may remember I was laid off in September, and then fired from another job at the end of September...shitty balls.

I've been trying to get approved for EI since the first layoff. I've been appealed, questioned and denied...more then once.

They sent me a questionnaire about why I was fired to determine if I could receive EI from that, I received the questionnaire on a Friday, filled it out, and send it back on Monday. That Wednesday I received a letter saying I was denied because I hadn't sent the questionnaire back fast enough. So then I had to appeal that decision. Another office in Service Canada sent me a letter denying my EI because I hadn't been filling out my reports...which I hadn't been doing because my EI was denied.

All very confusing but finally this morning I received a letter confirming they reviewed my appeal and "rescinded" their decision to deny me. Once both of my severance amounts are deducted I'll start receiving money...good timing too cause the way it was looking no one was gonna get anything for Christmas.

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