Monday, November 14

Can't sleep, so I'm up drinking milk and watching shitty reality tv.

So, Dan got the job in Alberta! Hurray for them! It's such an awesome opportunity for there family, but I'm gonna miss the shit out of them. It's gonna suck not having Holly across the street...a 5 minute walk away.

I can't keep what's happening straight, so many things are happening so quickly. Dan leaves, Holly goes to C.P, all their shit goes, Holly and my mom goes, then my dad some point I hope my mom comes back, lol. This is all happening by the end of the month...crazy how fast things happen sometimes.

1 comment:

  1. I have the same feeling towards this move.
    I promise as Ahnold once said "I be back".
    Its gonna be a tough move for all of us.
    Love ya!