Wednesday, November 16

Cleaning Day!

I always find it best to do as much cleaning before lunch as possible, as I lose total motivation after even just a snack.

So are 11:30ish I started my cleaning.

Living room and kitchen - top to bottom, 3 loads of laundry, drain unclogged, sheets changed, kitty shit-boxes cleaned...then I needed a snack...dammit.

Well Holly stopped by to get some food. The movers are there today to officially move them out of this shit-hole. So after she left I sat down for a quick snack with plans to clean the bathroom and organize some bedroom stuff...that was a big mistake as I have no motivation to get back up.

But the bathroom desperately needs a scrub down...I can hear the toilet begging me to clean I shall solider on...

This Saturday Holly's friends are having a goodbye dinner for her at Baton Rouge and they invited Will and I, so that should be a good time. I've never eaten there before, so hopefully they have at lease a small vegetarian selection. Or I'll have a liquid dinner...those are my favourite.

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