Tuesday, November 8


So being home all the time gives me lots of opportunity to make awesome meals, and try new recipes. My favourite is what I'm making tonight. Now this is a meat sauce, so I can't eat it, but it makes so much and Will loves it enough to eat it for the next 2-7 meals, lol.

This is what I like to call my "I don't give a fuck" pasta sauce/chilli. It can be used as either. It involves tomato sauce, water, onions, mushrooms, peppers, ground beef and/or spicy sausage, every spice you can find, any other shit in your fridge you wanna put in it. I had some black beans that I didn't think I was going to use soon and some leftover pizza sauce that I shoved in. I'll have Will taste test it when he gets home and adjust the spices for me (which is the one thing that sucks about being a vegetarian...).

I went to Walmart with my sister today and saw this...exciting. I realized I haven;t had poutine since I became a vegetarian. Wow. I stopped eating meat the May of grade 7...I'm now 26...4 months away from 27...that's a long ass time. So I got this and I'm going to make a meat gravy for Will and have a poutine night sometime! I'm excited.

Will also really enjoyed when Dan and Holly were over and we had Indian food. Holly made the meat feeders Butter Chicken, he was then obsessed. So I found this paste, about 4 bucks cheaper then the sauce itself, just add water and we've got some em effing Butter Chicken. Beeeeeeiitch.

I also bought brown sugar and I'm gonna try making cookies. The first and only time I ever attempted muffins I forgot the fruit and they turned out hard...that's the closest to a cookie I've ever made...

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