Sunday, November 6

I'm so excited to go wedding dress shopping that I've been doing a lot of googling of wedding things the last few days.

I love this bouquet, but the majority of feathers would be black and dark purple.

This is beautiful as well, again with purple not red.

Love this, maybe just a little darker. This isn't actually a bridesmaid dress, but this is the general idea I'm into right now.

Possibly these hanging from the roof. Not in these colour, obviously. lol. In black or purple...

And I want to wear something dark, with feathers and a small veil type thing. I think it's called a blusher...I don't know. One of those veils that cover half the face...but in black...

I have lots of ideas...we'll see which ones actually materialize...


  1. i believe theyre called birdcage veils.
    i really love that purple dress...
    and the bouquets...theyre beautiful

  2. Great ideas hunny! The bouquets look terrific and I like the feather orbes!!