Thursday, November 3


Wow, I need to cleanse myself from the last 4 days. There was a lot of wine and food consumed, basically ruined everything I've done the last 10 days...nice eh. I'm such an idiot. Although it was friggin' delicious. And it's not my fault there were multiple events on 4 consecutive days.

Well it happened and logical Siobhan is fighting with emotional Siobhan to realize that I can't go back and it was enjoyable while it was going on. The best thing to do: pull up my socks, get right back on track and work my butt off for another 9 days and hopefully recover what I'd done so I can ruin it again.

KFB is happening on the 12th so I'm going to be drinking more and eating more. We're also gonna take a trip into Sinders to look at some wedding dresses!!! Ahh, I'm incredibly nervous and excited. I know what I want but I'm terrified that I'm going to look like a heffer in everything.

1 year and 3.5 hours I'll be married. Weird!

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