Sunday, August 7

working on a sunday

Another long boring day of work, thank god it's almost over. Only 1 more hour!

I'm getting very excited to go to the cottage. I have mentally planned what I need to bring, and obviously I am bringing too much. How many dresses does a girl need for 5 days? Well, at least 7, and 4 bathing suits and probably 3 sweaters. Is it going to be cold? Who knows, but if it is I will be prepared. I'm glad we bought that cooler tho cause we're planning on bringing booze and snacks for the week. I'm sure my mom has everything meal planned down to the second, but having some extra food never hurts. I'm also going to bring my blender and some frozen fruit so I can have my smoothies in the morning. And if some mararitas accidentally make the trip with me I will be prepared.

Guess I should get back to work...or not...

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