Friday, August 26


Posting quickly from Will's computer... as the ashes of mine are still smoldering in the corner...

I'm going to make a real greek salad tonight, and I am super excited. I LOOOVE greek salad and I don't know why I never make it. We're also getting a pizza and some sparkly. My job is so depressing the only cure is mimosas, pizza, and greek food.

So we've has some run in with the neighbors (I wont go into detail)...but I just wanted to comment on how hilariously immature these people are. They have a child, I just want to point out. Yet since she screamed at me (and I, be proud, kept my cool and was totally an adult about it SURPRISE) they have been parking there car in front of our back door, making as much noise out front, smoking everywhere...pretty much anything they think will piss us off. It makes me happy to see that I've had such an effect on someone.

Well I hear a tiny bottle of Grey Goose that my fantastic fiancee bought me calling...must go indulge in some UTItinis...yummy~

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  1. Sometimes there is more satisfaction remaining cool and grown up about these situations! I am proud of you.
    Yum UTI-inis