Monday, August 8

Too Much?

So I have been doing some research on center pieces, and since it was so boring working on Sunday my manager and I were looking into different options. I don't really like flowers that much so I probably wont be using many, which will keep costs down...and also go with my offbeat self.

I'm not sure if this is "too much", it's very grand, which I like. I would use less white and I'm going for a fairly dark, romantic, dramatic kind of wedding. I saw another one that was similar but the feathers were in a vase filled with pearls. I don't like the pearl idea, I was thinking plums, the perfect colour. I'm too weird for my own good, I need Will to keep my grounded with this wedding. One of my bridemaids suggested they all wear fascinators...she was possibly joking, but I still love the idea. Oh god, this wedding is gonna be crazy awesome.

1 comment:

  1. Love the fascinator idea!!
    Let your imagination go wild hunny!!!!