Tuesday, August 30

10 Things I'm Happy For!

1. 100 calorie packs of Cheese Nips - good god I love nips of cheese.
2. Coffee and chatter with my sister.
3. Running for 30 minutes straight...double my regular running time.
4. Finding out my cat pissed in the shower...hey, at least it wasn't on the floor and it was hella easy to clean up!
5. Being down 5lbs despite the pizza and white wine I consumed.
6. My new found motivation to get a new job...or my new found hatred of the job I have now...both will end up with the same result.
7. Finding a house to buy totally in our price range (we're not buying it, but its encouraging to see then possibility is so much closer then we think)
8. Finding leftover feta - still good, and just enough for us to have another fresh greek salad tonight! And some chicken breast for my meat eating man-friend
9. Losing track of time and realizing your already 2 hours into your shift.
10. More kitten snuggles!

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  1. luv this list :) I love these posts & seeing what everyone puts :)