Monday, August 29

So much water...

Still haven't got my computer fixed, nor have I purchased a new one. So as of now I am limited to using Will's computer when he isn't busy playing Pitch Hitter or Tetris, lol.

I also can't post any pictures until I get my computer back. Which sucks big time cause I have some great pictures of the greek salad I made, my cute kitty basking in the sun, me after a workout, Will wearing a fake nail, and the kind of manicure I'm gonna get for the wedding. I will have to post all my pictures when I finally get my computer back/a new computer.

On another note - Will and I went to Chapters on Sunday to so some browsing and eventually some purchasing. I found a wedding planning book, a biography on those involved in the Salem Witch Trials, a biography of Anthony and Cleopatra, and Will found a book about Free Masonry...or something like that. It was quite a successful trip. We came home, ordered dinner, had a glass (or 3) of wine and settled into bed to do some reading.

Well I just finished a workout (5km in 44 minutes, then a 6 minute walk and 10 minutes of weights and strength training). I realize that's not marathon quality or anything, but I haven't worked out in like 2 years, and am now probably 30 lbs overweight (fuck shit cock balls...I hate myself) I am quite sweaty but not looking forward to washing my hair with these fake nails...

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