Monday, August 22

10 Things I'm Happy For!

1. Cranberry juice...
2. Buying the first thing for our wedding!
3. Halloween decorations.
4. Being woken up by kitten snuggles
5. New workout gear
6. Cleaning and organizing our spare room
7. Perfectly sweet gigantic green grapes
8. Being able to have dinner with Will every night from now on
9. Brown riding boots that look good with everything
10. Large wall calendars from Staples

Not included on the list but I am also happy for Officer Webster, for dropping my speeding ticket to a bylaw violation which significatly reduced the amount. And also for being the happiest OPP officer to ever pull me over at 6:30am...also the sneakiest, I have no idea where he was hiding but my stupid ass certainly didnt see him!

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