Friday, August 26


So my computer is fucked. Some sort of corrupt file, apparently one that is essential for turning the computer on.

My options seems to be:

a) cry about it - I've tried this one, it's not helping get the computer working

b) pay shipping and handeling (both ways) to send it to Sony to possibly have it fixed, and pay an additional 599 - 699 American dollars to have this happen - the computer cost $700 in the first place, so this is a stupid option...thanks Sony!

c) Throw said computer out the window, while laugh/crying crazily - although the most appealing of my options I think I will pass

d) Back up my files and buy a new computer - seems to be the easiest option

I guess we're taking a trip to Best Buy this weekend. I will never ever buy another Sony product ever! Thank god Will and I are the stingyest motherfuckers on earth! I think we have enough saved to buy me a half decent computer. Sucks though, I was gonna buy a dining room set with that cash. Oh well, what can you do, I suppose.

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