Wednesday, August 24

After I Do

What happens after I do, do we change into married people? Do I stop loving Big Brother, getting drunk for no reason, and start loving my job. No, I highly doubt that will happen. Such a big hubub about something.

I hear people talk and tell me that it does change the relationship to be married, but no one seems to have a clear explanation of how exactly. If thats true, then I don't want to get married anymore. I am more then happy with the way our relationship is.

Again, I don't believe anything is going to change. We will both have another ring, a piece of paper, and a nice tan from our Honeymoon...but as for life changes...I expect there to be none. Well other than my last name, I guess I'll have to learn how to spell Will's monstrosity of a last name at some point.

I'm excited for the party, seeing all my friends and family, meeting Will's out west family and friends, and going on an amazing vacation afterwards. The dress? Well, I'm not gonna complain about being able to buy a ridiculously fancy dress for the evening. Also having some very out of character glamour shots of us and our friends will be thrillingly hilarious.

I am excited to get married, but probably not for all the traditional reasons. I'm already an excellent faux wifey, and Will is a fantastic faux husband. Our faux marriage is far from perfect, but I am perfectly happy in it.

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