Sunday, August 21

home and shopping

So we're home from the cottage. What an amazing time. I very much enjoyed our routine: get up, coffee, breakfast, sit around, lunch, swimming, snacks, booze, swimming, tanning, booze, dinner, booze, passout. Its a tough life, but we're home now and right back into the swing of things.

Will starts his new job tomorrow and I think he's quite excited about it. It's a great step in the right direction for our little family. And I also got a call and an online interview for a job this weekend. I should hear about that by Wednesday, so I'm quite excited.

We needed to go grocery shopping to replenish the supplies for the week. We also made a quick stop at Michaels and picked up our wedding invitations!!! They are so cute, and 30% off - AWESOME!!

I am also fully obsessed with Halloween, and we had a 40% off coupon, so I bought this...

We also stopped at Walmart. I needed another sports bra (I got 2) and finally decided I should just get a whole workout outfit. The shirts were retarded cheap so I got 3 (while, grey and black) and the sports bras are black and this pink. I need new running shoes as well, but I would prefer to buy them in a real store, lol, where they know stuff about good shoes.

Will bought me GreyGoose so I think it's time for one last cocktail before I re-embark on another health kick!

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